Dedicated Development Teams

Global Software Development, Head Quartered in Sarasota, FloridaGone are the brick and mortar days where all software development companies employed teams of programmers. Their large overheads had to be sustained between projects or an equally large team of sales staff was needed to bring projects in to try and maintain a steady flow of income. The price they have to charge customers is often higher than the true cost of that individual project in order to cope with the cyclical nature of the business. It is quite rare that software developers using this archaic business model can survive long term and often they succumb to market forces and close.

Technology has allowed a modern, flexible, efficient and economic business model to evolve and we have whole heartedly embraced it. It is a win-win for customers and us.

Our headquarters are based in Sarasota, Florida and we have developed a large network of independent software developers, an amazing talent pool from which we create a Custom Built Dedicated Development Team for each project. This way we are able to create a dream team with carefully selected development staff to work on various aspects of the project.

Strict Non Disclosure Agreements are put in place for each project and where desired a black box methodology is adopted, so that that individual developer only is aware of the input and output required to complete task. This new business model is the way forward for software developers and has numerous advantages:

The beauty of this business model is that we have the experience, expertize and Project Management skills to tackle almost any Software Development Project. It almost does not matter what programming language, or development environment you may wish the project completed with as we have access to professional developers with that expertise.

There are 3 common issues with software development 1) Unclear Vision 2) Feature Creep and 3) The biggest problem of all is that they just can't finish the project! We are different, we get the job done!

Our philosophy is to "Provide clients What they Want, When they Want it and at a Fair Price"

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