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Managing Google Ads 'PPC'

Developing an online marketing strategy Google Ad campaigns provide an amazing opportunity for all businesses big or small, young or old to compete for the top spot on a google search. If you are a single self employed Stucco Contractor, Google Ads allows you to compete with the largest Stucco Contractors in the world!

Some people reading this may not know what Google Ads are. For those who don't know it is the sponsored mini adverts that are placed by google for the first and last 4 horizontal search results ( There are several other important PPC solutions such as Bing & Yahoo)

To have your site advertised in these locations, it requires you to open a Google or related PPC account and manage the advertising campaign by bidding on relevant keywords in an 'auction'. There are a lot of variables involved and managing a PPC campaign effectively requires many elements from the campaign manager including experience, skill, knowledge of the market and competition, and the technical ability to navigate your way through the large amount of data and diagnostic tools needed.

However, beware, for the inexperienced, we have seen PPC campaigns seriously burn though advertising budgets at a furious rate with little results, often leaving the inexperienced advertiser with very few clues as to where they went wrong. This is why we consider it vital to have experienced campaign managers such as us looking after your campaign. That way you will dramatically increase your chances of success and drastically reduce the amount of money wasted during the very steep learning curve.

If you self-manage your own PPC advertising, chances are you are overpaying for your traffic. Most self-managed campaigns suffer from poor keyword choices, ineffective ads and poorly designed landing pages. In the case of Google, this results in a low Google Quality Score, which drives up your cost per click. A PPC Expert can help with this. The other top search engines Yahoo, Bing and Ask have similar issues and require an experienced pay per click consultant with the knowledge to navigate the various PPC search engines. With our Pay Per Click Management service, we can generally pay for our entire consulting fee and save you additional money just by running your pay per click campaign more effectively.


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