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Which Hosting Solution?

Sarasota, Manatee, Florida Website Hosting Reseller ServicesAs Online Software Developers we provide clients with a number of options regarding Hosting Solutions. Our company philosophy is to select the right experts to provide an expert solution and this is no different when it comes to selecting hosting services.

We act as resellers for several large players in the Hosting Market that we feel fufill the necessary criteria to ensure our clients receive expert care. Clients do not need to converse with the hosting companies on technical issues, our Managed Hosting Solutions take care of everything from technical support issues to site migration and implementation.

Too often, customers are upsold on Hosting Services that are unnecessary and conversely, businesses are left wondering why their website users complain about speed lag issues when the problem is they have chosen a package that is insufficient to handle the bandwidth and security requirements.

Basic Factors:

  Drive Speed We evaluate drives offered with the majority of our client websites hosted on fast SSD drives (Solid State Devices).

  Bandwidth & Server Uptime We evaluate the true bandwidth offered without performance degradation and Server Uptime Statistics.

  Client Backend Access We evaluate the backend interface for features and usability.

  Scalability We evaluate ability to handle spikes in traffic and also organic growth.

  Location We evaluate server proximity to customer base and CDN services (Content Display Network) to increase load times & performance.

  Security We evaluate the measures they have in place and also that SSL Certificates are seamlessly integrated and updated.

  Backup-Disaster Recovery We evaluate the backup features offered and the process utilized for Disaster Recovery.

Please note that most hosting companies do NOT offer a true Emergency backup and will not undertake to do a Free Disaster Recovery. However, for non CMS sites our backup procedures have become so well refined with 3 layers of Contingency, that literally apart from some global online international disaster, rest assured we have your site covered. (For CMS websites with rapidly changing content, please speak to us as special exclusions and provisions are required)

Hosting Solutions

We offer several Hosting Solutions to suit your requirements and budget.

> Shared Hosting

> Virtual Private (VPS) Hosting

> Dedicated Server Hosting

> Cloud Hosting

> Managed Hosting

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